The Beauty

“Nature always has beautiful shapes and beautiful colour groups. Look at a worm or a piece of manure: it has beautiful colour and shape. If you distract something from the nature to adapt it to your own wish: the original beauty is more or less in the background underbrought, and sometimes it is beautiful, but mostly ugly. Nature carries the endless beauty of the infinite creator. Human formulations are works of finite creators with different beauties. “Sandor Weöres: Beauty

The concept of beauty
Pleasure in beauty is disinterested – this is a common definition Kant, which clearly shows how we can not to do with the concept of beauty and try to define the system that is difficult to express with the evasive maneuvers. We often try to explain what is beautiful with taste, feeling, consensus and trend. The trend is a bit more complex and than the fashion. The trend is not only a form of change, but also a stream of conceptual systems. Beauty, however, is above taste, feeling, fashion or trend. True beauty is eternal, yet it always has the charm of the novelty. How is it possible?
Beauty and harmony
Beauty is a special energy system made up of gentle, light vibrations. The impenetrable densities of the material world hide the full spectrum of beauty. In fact, we are only partially and slowly able to discover beauty. As a man progresses more and more consciously in life, he is able to become more and more in harmony with his eternal self. Part of the eternal self is the earthly self called ego, which we opprobriate so gladly and so ignorant today. The ego is embedded in a larger, more complete, perfectly pure and harmonious self, and will lose the connection never in the life. If he would it lose, he would die immediately, because he get the life energy from him. Harmonious earthly ego is the reflection of the transcendent in the earthly self.
The artistic profession
I am destined to help discover and detect the depth of beauty that was not experienced before. I am sure, art is able to mediate between divine and human beauty, it is able to bring the heavenly beauty into the human world, using symbols and allusions through transformations. Beauty is over the art and pervades its structure. The essence of artistic creation is the heart, soul, and the intellect of the creator. That is why not all artistic creations are beautiful. The full spectrum of beauty can be understood by heart and soul. If I look to others, I try to get through the outside appearance to reach the eternal truth, to penetrate into the inner beauty. In this way, I help others feel their own special beauty and adapt to it. At my own external judgment, I try to get people connected to me to oversee the surface. Anyone can experience the beauty accessoires of his own empire, what is just waiting to be detected, to be discovered. My ambition is to help my clients find her special type of beauty that incites they to love theyself, their awakening of her trueness and uniqueness and unparalleledness. While designing their outfits, colors, shapes, supplies, other little things are important as well, which make the wearers and their society feel good and calm. I strive for the dresses to be transformed by the charitable features of beauty.
My confession of beauty
Everything that is created, therefore is from nature, is beautiful and eternal.