My mission and profession

The salon and shop are found on the most beautiful place of the neighborhood, in front of a church and a park. The styling of the premise was planned out by me, with the intention to make the flow of inspiration easier. The surroundings help the creative process, facilitate understanding conversations and familiarity of the fittings.
Just like my principles and the environment, the clothes designed by me represent an elevated form of the spirit of the age, while also keeping classical values. The garments represent the beauty, elegance and purity of the female body. They are made from the finest materials, which matches my idea of the woman as a phenomena. My colleagues and I intend to serve this cause with our proficiency.
As a man, according to a noble ideal, I want to represent women in the shape of beauty and lovableness in the eyes of other men, and through this help them become happier. I wish to communicate the ideal woman clear, without compromise.
Aside from the ready-made pieces, I also encourage the preparation of common ideas. I believe in the creative work that lets participants help each other. I also believe that this way it is possible to love the world of ANTE even more.