Geometry and Spirit

The 2019 ANTE Spring/Summer collection is a creation being rich of details about the reconception of The Rule.

The designer shows you that the 2-dimension surface of the clothes gives you a 3-dimensional perspective from ideal distance, all these by soft falling materials and by the controversary connection to the strict system of the geometic forms with tailor’s cutter’s lines.

The deliberate angles of the visible geometric forms in the clothes as well as the strict lineation show us the mass rules in the lives. And together with the effects of the moreish moving silks there’ll be the perfect and womanly moderate clothes.

The fabric utilisation of the ANTE contains the endeavour for the all-option-catching comfortability, the game in the moving of the elastic fabric as well as with the purest composation. Silks, Brocades, organzas, lamés. The utilisation of the fabrics yet one more special ideal and practical signification in the realisation of the design, in the solution of the Form, becouse the object of these clothes are the free moving and the waving and the soft falling. These things are combined with the angles realized in the cutting and the hard lineation, which could come into being with huge pressure of the realised angles in the tailor’s cutting and the hard lineation. To create these forms for these fabrics is such a serious strenght test like living in the limiting rules, regulations for the independent and openminded Soul.

The thought moves on throughout the geometrics letting us know the system of the created world by the social rules.
From these options there’s a possibility to step out by the individual rules and feminity, given by the clothes. This is the clear sign of the 3 dimensionalness what the Strong Order Dress includes.
The clothes symbolizes a huge bulk of stone which shows that the woman is in constriction by the society, but the upper part of the dress, that is a carrier of the Soul, is for showing that this Soul is to leave this constiction, and has got the endeavour to go up.

The contrastive and the system following utilisation using of the colours increases the 3-dimensionsal couture solutions of the special items.
The contrast amongst the pastel colours and the tints of the dark emphasize the possibility of the purity, open mindedness and the effort.

Beyond all these it was the cubism that gave a central inspiration for the designer to create the collection.
These clothes show a dramatic appearance for the carrier woman, this gives you a perspective like on a statue; simultaneously the moreish tight body fit silhouette of the cutting and fabric using can reflects on the feminity.