Asymmetric Armour

„I like asymmetric solutions because of their playfulness and hidden content. Asymmetry does not exist without symmetry, so the slid lines refer indirectly to the original perfection.” Peter Jozsa, fashion designer, ANTE

The shoulder of the dress is slightly asymmetrical. The shape is like an armor, protects the sensitive female body. The inspiration is the dress of the fencers. The material is also metallic, black with silver shine. Although the primary message are the protection and the distance, the top-side is open.
With an asymmetrical solution, this armor shows an intimate area, a beautiful and desirable part of the shoulder, the clavicle (collar-bone). This hint is about helping to guess a riddle, how to open, to get a sight and to touch the body. The final solution is also part of this refinery that helps a man to free the upper bpdy – even for his own pleasure, if it is allowed.
The skirt is a two-circle-cut flitting, flowing muslin, a classic material of feminine fineness. It is a refutation of the armor-like appearance of the upper. The waving angelic movements show an imagination of the hope and freedom.
The dress flows in fine harmony around the woman, it contours the body.
In a standing position it can be seen that asymmetry forms an imaginary deflection, flexing slightly the usual body-points. A breeze, reed or willow in the wind.