ANTE – into perfection

My respect and love for women inspired me to become a clothing designer artist, to serve their beauty. I try to actualize the idea of beauty through goodness.
The collections of the new brand were born under the sign of clear beauty. I prefer classic shapes and noble materials, though I also use solutions fit for today`s time, even slightly futuristic and extravagant ideas. My goal is the amazingly feminine, fascinating, aerial elegance.

I go for sophisticated shapes and I am committed to the highest quality of handiwork, the haute couture.
I make the inner beauty with my clothing articles visible on the outside. My profession is to exalt women, to ennoble them. I firmly believe that the fulfillment of women brings happiness to life as a whole for everyone. I want to enable this process of angelic nature with my clothing. The logo of the brand, a woman becoming an angel, symbolizes this pursuit.

Peter Jozsa

fashion designer