Natural, Soft Fabrics Revolutionize Haute Couture

High-end fashion has almost always been “form over function”.  Design over comfort. At ANTE, we’ve taken the challenge of creating beautiful clothing that works with our bodies, not against them. Inspired by the beauty, elegance, and purity of a woman’s body, we combine intricate designs and accomplished handiwork with fabrics, materials, and color palettes rarely found in the world of ready-made fashion.

More than just a statement of style and fashion, what we choose to wear becomes our outermost skin — protection from the elements, protecting our most vital organs.  The outfits we wear influence how we interact with the world, and in turn, how it reacts to our presence. As such, we believe it our responsibility to create with care, attention, and a delicate touch…starting with the fabrics.


A movement towards natural fabrics

Polyester, even with its tenacity and unique level of durability, has been causing problems ever since it became the dominant material in ready-made fashion. The main issue with polyester (and really, all synthetic materials) is breathability. Compared to natural fabrics like cotton, polyester has very low moisture absorption.  Not only does this create feelings of excessive heat and humidity, but the accumulation of sweat with these synthetic materials can also cause serious skin irritation.

As you can imagine, this seriously limits our options, especially in the warm summer months.  Layering becomes almost impossible. At ANTE, we recognize the need for some more real.  We want women to experience the freedom, comfort, and delicate touch only possible with natural fabrics.

All of our dresses are made with very low or 0% polyester content — something almost unheard of in today’s world of ready-made fashion.  Our designs are breathable and layer-ready, letting you add and remove pieces of your outfit as the weather and/or occasion changes.


Not only do our natural fabrics allow for more breathability, but they also lend themselves to the natural movements of the body.  Most brands have forgotten that, creating dresses that fit too tight, cutting you off from the elements rather than embracing them.

We don’t women to forget that special feeling and emotion that occurs when a dress blows in the wind.  Our designs allow nature to show its presence in every step we take.


The colors of life

Color theory considers black as the absence of color.  It absorbs all the colors of the visible spectrum and reflects none of them to the eyes. And while most people associate black as either the color of timeless elegance, or of sadness and grief, Peter Jozsa, the designer of ANTE, has a unique re-interpretation:

“For me, black provides a beautiful contrast to the complexities of life.  It is simple, yet powerful. Present, yet escaping. Black never fails to make us look slimmer, but it’s most important feature can be conveyed in a spiritual sense.” – Peter Jozsa

This contrast is poetic, and representative of life.  The contrast of color, and the lack thereof. Of grief and happiness.  Of timeless beauty and new-found novelty. ANTE considers and appreciates these contrasts throughout our collections.Where many fashion brands consider black to be the only color worth wearing, we believe in embracing contrast and exploring the subtle tonal changes that represent our ever-changing moods.

The ANTE collections contrast pastels (our subtle moods), along with shimmering metallic when we are feeling loud and extroverted, and then black when we want to say a lot without saying anything at all.


The ANTE movement

Quality and care shine in everything we do. We source the best materials from around the world, with fabrics coming from selected partners in Germany (Münster), New York and Hungary.  All of our custom silk printing happens in England (Worcester), home of some of the best silk printers in the world.

Attentive design, sumptuous materials, accomplished handiwork.  Everything we do serves the same aim: to make the ANTE woman majestically recognizable.

Shop ANTE and join the movement.

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