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We talked to the young designer of the new womenswear brand, ANTE Couture about his creative concept, the new flagship store and basic principals behind his designs.

R: The store is located on Horváth Mihály square, looking at the park and a school from the corner. The classic interior has some distinctive details, but the most striking one must be the showroom`s wavy wall panels.

Péter Józsa, designer: It was important for me to design my own store, and I am beyond grateful I could realize it. I carefully thought about every little detail and based them on my own maxim. The waving walls let the inspiration flow while the quoins interrupt these motions. The gentle flow facilitates the creation of harmony and its presence. All the waves are designed to support each other, that is why for example the waves are parallel on the opposing wall.

R: However, the charming parlor beside the showroom seem more conventional with its rectangular surfaces.

Péter Józsa: Yes, indeed. We wanted the parlor to be comfortable with a palpable harmony. The quiet, almost sensible space represents my inner self which I project into this natural colored area.

R: You also have a modern sewing workshop installed here.

Péter Józsa: Making haute couture is a demanding job. Creating designs, patterns and modeling is a subserving process, where the designer works hand-in-hand with the seamstress. The most important factor is to fulfill the customer`s desires, so we can do measurements, choose a model and work out the details at the store. Nevertheless, it is much easier to do modifications on the garments on the spot, then working with subcontractors.

R: Upon the costumer`s requirement, the whole store could be booked. Could you tell us a bit about that?

Péter Józsa: For special orders we close the shop for the costumer. The store`s interior, furnishing, the giant mirror, fitting room and the interconnecting spaces are designed to conduct all meetings and fittings in the most pleasant way possible.

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