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We talked to the young owner of the recently opened, ANTE Designer Fashion Store about his designs.


R: The main purpose of your clothes are not only to make women more classy and beautiful but to somehow elevate them.

Péter Józsa, designer: I adore and respect women. I am convinced that life`s kindness and sorrow depends on a woman`s current state. Beauty is always a reflection of the soul, and my designs have an effect on that. I intend to lift a women`s support both candidly and hidden. Clothing has a serious spiritual function, which is why I design protective garments, as protection is incredibly necessary these days.

R: What a nice and abstract thought. But would you care to explain your theory?

Péter Józsa: The delicacy and elegance of my designs protect women from the bothersome effects of direct provocation. They are usually shape-following dresses evading overstatements to be the least provocative and ostentatious. With the right appearance a woman can easily show her dignified, worthy and noble self. With no dramatic overtone I am fairly positive that my designs can protect and strengthen women, and generally make them feel better in their own skin.

R: Tell us about the patterns, shapes and effects you use.

Péter Józsa: I enjoy symmetric and asymmetric solutions, playing with lights and shadows, reflections and floating fabrics. I have a couple of dresses which really come to life in movement, revealing the story I had in mind while designing them. Every piece has its own story.

R: You seem to not stress to follow trends with your color palette.

Péter Józsa: My color choices are 100% conscious. I know what effects they have on a dress and I also have the word “protection” in mind while selecting them. I work with soothing colors and gentle gradients to make sure my designs are not in any way harsh or vulgar. Tranquility is an absolute value in my opinion.

R: The fact that you always use fine and high quality materials makes it easier for one to love, preserve and appreciate your clothes.

Péter Józsa: I have the absolute intention to make lovable clothes. They stand time and value both, so hopefully they will serve their owners well for a long time. I do not really care about mainstream trends. I use classic patterns with a modern and almost futuristic touch, and I follow the same notion while choosing materials, which I often get from abroad.

Floating muslins and shiny, soft silks are nowadays way more durable then one would think. A wonderful mix of organic and synthetic, sometimes elastic threads which never become wrinkly and are almost untearable. I do wearable design to encourage women not to save these garments for special occasions, but to implement them into their everyday wardrobe.

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