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The face behind ANTE

Péter Józsa is a doctor-turned-designer whose passion for art and respect for women inspired him to start dreaming about — and then actually creating — dresses that reflect and elevate feminine beauty with bold, unique design.

Since first manifesting his vision, Péter has made several media appearances — in Forbes magazine, among others — and directed successful fashion shows.

Spring – Summer 2019


The ultimate, cutting edge elegance is a result of an exciting experiment.

Geometric patterns — carefully shaped from many small, separate pieces of the most delicate materials — provide a noble contrast to archetypical femininity.

Rose Dewfall Dress


The world of Ante

Attentive design, sumptuous materials, accomplished handiwork. All serve the same aim: making Ante woman majestically recognisable.

Aeriel, firm. Delicate, respectable. Classic, adventurous. Controversies? No. This is harmony, embodied by Ante.

Autumn – Winter 2018


Double Sense


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